Araclon is a company specialising in Alzheimer's disease.


Araclon Biotech emerged in 2004 as a spin-off of the University of Zaragoza. Since 2012, and coinciding with the incorporation of the multinational company Grifols as a shareholder, Araclon Biotech has consolidated its position as a pioneering company in the development of projects for the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer's

At Araclon Biotech we have developed tests for the analysis of β-amyloid peptides in human plasma that have demonstrated their potential to help identify people who are cognitively normal, but who already have AD-related pathological changes in their brains. The company currently has centralised laboratories in Zaragoza, Spain (Headquarters) from where we offer ABtest Service for the determination of these peptides in human plasma.


At Araclon Biotech we are also striving to tackle the disease at an early stage by developing active immunotherapies (vaccines) against β-amyloid peptides.

One of our vaccines (ABvac40) is already in phase II.

Intellectual property

As a result of this research work, Araclon Biotech's intellectual property encompasses several patent families that protect our diagnostic assays (IP ABtest42/40, IP ABtestMS) and our active immunotherapies (IP ABvac40, IP ABvac42).