Manuel Sarasa premiado por la Confederación de Familiares de Enfermos de Alzheimer


The Spanish Confederation of Relatives of Patients with Alzheimer’s and other Dementias (CEAFA) has awarded its annual prize, for investigation, to Dr. Manuel Sarasa, Scientific Director of Araclon Biotech (

Madrid, September 2009.- The investigator Manuel Sarasa has been awarded by the Spanish Confederation of Relatives of Patients with Alzheimer’s and other Dementias (CEAFA), with its prize for investigation, for his investigating work over Alzheimer disease.

In this third edition of the awards convened by CEAFA and under the theme “Do not forget, there is hope”, Manuel Sarasa personally received the award from the hands of the General Sub-director of Management of the IMSERSO, Maria de los Angeles Aguado; in an event organized by the Confederation in the offices of the Illustrious Collegiate of Doctors in Madrid.

Numerous authorities from the health world; all the CEAFA management and important personalities from the economic and business world of all Spain, as well as high representatives of Grupo Viamed Salud; of which Araclon-Biotech is a member.


Dr. Manuel Sarasa is neurobiologist and embryologist, Anatomy and Compared Pathological Anatomy Lecturer for the Zaragoza University, with more than 25 years experience in basic investigation and 20 years experience investigating subjects related to Alzheimer’s disease.

He has invented several biotechnological patents related to diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, he founded the company Araclon Biotech in 2004 to continue with his investigations.  He has published over fifty scientific publications –between international magazines and books-, being outstanding for his dedication to investigating the Alzheimer’s disease.

Form his curriculum we can see his close ties with the academic and investigation world.  As an investigator, he is responsible for more than ten investigation projects. He was the founder and Director of the Neurobiological Laboratory of the Zaragoza University (1993 – 2007). In 2004 he was awarded the Aragones del Año in Science and Investigation

“Do not forget. There is hope”

His works of investigation in Araclon Biotech have experimented very hopeful advances over the last years, making it possible for CEAFA to select the theme for this edition “Do not forget. There is hope”

That way, at the beginning of this year, Araclon Biotech obtained its first European patent for a vaccination as therapy for Alzheimer disease.  And last July, the company presented in the International Conference of Alzheimer Disease (ICAD), held in Vienna, it’s most commercial product: the diagnosis kit, Beta-amyloidal in blood counter.

Since the end of 2006 a series of investors have been incorporated into Araclon Biotech, represented by the Grupo Viamed, which brought on a consolidation of the company; making it possible to accelerate the rhythm of his investigations; and the construction of its own R&D and innovation laboratory inaugurated in July 2008 in Zaragoza.

Araclon-Biotech has marked as its mission to investigate and develop therapies and diagnosis methods for degenerative illnesses, initially concentrating of the Alzheimer disease.

The company has marked for the short term three essential objectives:

– position on the market a diagnosis test in blood of the illness;

– develop an efficient therapy against the illness that detains or slows the neurodegenerative process; and

– give an answer to the large necessity for society without an answer up to now.


The CEAFA Confederation, formed by 200,000 associated families, initiated in 2007 these awards as a public recognition of persons and entities whose work has contributed and contribute to improving the life quality of the more than 3.5 million persons that currently live in Spain with Alzheimer disease (between the direct sufferers and their caring families).

CEAFA INVESTIGATION AWARD 2007: MR. JULIAN PEREZ GIL (Managing Director of the CIEN -Investigation Centre for Neurological Diseases- Foundation), in representation of the Alzheimer Project Investigation Unit.

CEAFA INVESTIGATION AWARD 2008: DR. JOSE MASDEU PUCHE (Neurologist from the University Clinic of Navarra and member of the Scientific Committee of CEAFA) in recognition of his contributions to the progress of scientific investigation in the field of neuroimaging.