Araclon Biotech obtains its first European Patent for a vaccine therapy for Alzheimer’s disease


  • Throughout 2009 the vaccine will start regulatory pre-clinical development and Araclon Biotech expects to start clinical trials on humans at the end of the coming year.
  • This is the first European Patent for the biotechnology company Araclon Biotech, and one of the few awarded each year to Spanish companies in the sector.

19 February, 2009. Araclon Biotech has obtained its first European Patent for a vaccine therapy for Alzheimer’s disease. The company hopes to start the regulatory pre-clinical development of the vaccine this year, with the aim of starting clinical trials on humans at the end of 2010.

The conclusions obtained concerning toxicity and efficacy in the animal models used has encouraged the company’s high expectations for future clinical results.  Receiving the patent in the European Union, granted by the European Patent Office is a big break for the company’s ambitious project.

According to Araclon Biotech, “after developing and patenting a series of anti-bodies, we have come up with a vaccine that has had promising results in animal testing, mainly on dogs.” The company is very satisfied with its first European patent for the aforementioned vaccine against Alzheimer’s disease.

According to the 2007 Annual Report from the Spanish Association of Bioenterprises (ASEBIO), of the 39 patents conceded to Spanish biotech companies in 2007, 85% were Spanish patents and the remaining 15% were from the U.S.A, but none were European Patents. These figures show us the importance of this Patent for Araclon Biotech and for the biotechnology sector in Spain.

The vaccine having received the European Patent has already received the Patent in Spain and in other markets outside the E.U. Araclon Biotech trusts that it will soon also obtain the patent in the United States, the leading market in the world. The biotechnology company is currently involved in more than thirty international proceedings for obtaining patents.